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Celebrity Greens provides full service artificial grass sports field design, consulting and construction services. We specialize in synthetic and artificial turf systems for professional, collegiate, high school, grade school and community athletic fields in addition to other recreational turf.

Natural grass fields will turn to mud in a moderate to heavy rain or snow. Not only is it a messy situation for those playing at the time. Playing in wet weather can completely tear up a field, potentially requiring the entire field to be replanted and out of commission for a while. For an artificial turf field, however, rain or shine, players will leave a perfect field behind every time, reducing field maintenance costs and downtime.

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Artificial turf athletic fields are versatile and can endure multiple consecutive games and practices. After heavy-use, natural grass turf needs a period of recovery before it can be played on again. If you are organizing several consecutive sporting events in a busy venue, the necessary field recovery time can limit or interfere with your packed calendar, and greatly affect the field’s potential income. For multi-purpose sports fields, or even single-sport fields with frequent events and games, artificial turf is the best solution. It requires no recovery time and is ready to go as soon as the previous team clears the field.

Maintenance costs, especially over the long term, are much higher for natural grass fields than for synthetic grass surfaces. Natural grass requires regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding and pest control, which can cost thousands of dollars in materials and labor.

Celebrity Greens synthetic turf uses polyethylene fibers that produce significantly less friction between the playing surface and players’ skin compared to both natural grass and older versions of synthetic turf, reducing the likelihood of abrasions or friction-based injuries. Additionally, the consistency of the surface, the elimination of rocks and other debris, as well as the elimination of dirt patches, make for more predictable ball roll and fewer injuries to players.


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