High-performance Tee Lines, Tee Boxes and Driving Ranges

The expert golf installation team at Celebrity Greens can design and install a world-class Tee Line for your private course or community facility. We can combine Tee Lines, Driving Ranges, Chipping Areas and other amenities which enhance play and challenge golfers, and increase the ability to practice chipping and hitting from different distances and approaches.

Not only does Celebrity Greens design and install Tee Lines in Country Clubs, municipalities, high schools, universities, practice courses and other commercial golf facilities, Celebrity Greens can even install a private driving range on your property, leading up to your putting green. We also regularly install Chipping areas and Tee Boxes in backyards where home golf enthusiasts can practice chipping onto your custom putting green. Many of our customers say the chipping areas in their backyard get as much use as the actual artificial grass putting green itself.

Hitting practice shots from our premium Tee Line turf realistically simulates the ball response on a natural grass surface in a way that other synthetic materials just can’t duplicate. Our meticulously engineered synthetic turf is highly durable and holds shots better than typical synthetic turf due to the unique shape of our individual blades of grass, and our proprietary cushioned backing under-layment. Celebrity Greens Artificial Turf’s premium materials and unique installation process ensures that your tee lines and chipping practice areas deliver stellar, consistent performance that will outperform other artificial grass surfaces. Our quality driving range mat has the density and backing designed to support the most realistic and high performance golfing experience.

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